HomeWhat is a golf school? It is where golf skills are taught. These skills vary from school to school. Most golf schools apply someone else's mechanics to their golf swing and incorporate their idea for a better swing. Essentially, a golf school is a school where you learn about someone else's golf swing.

A lot of us choose to go to golf schools because they are endorsed by well known tour players like Jack Nicklaus. However, very few people actually go home after the golf school and practice what they learned. This is one of the reasons why a golf school is not a good idea. You spend all week learning and by the time you get home you will have forgotten everything.

A golf school can be bad for you because we all cannot be taught to swing like Jack Nicklaus. If you were to go to that golf school you would want to know exactly how Jack Nicklaus swings the golf club, right? Going to a golf school to learn some one else’s golf swing can be confusing because it is not what comes natural to creating your own golf swing.

Think about it. You spend money learning some one else’s golf swing and then you end up using your old swing. It takes a long time to break just one habit. It takes a long time to learn one habit. Learning about too many different golf swings can take a very long time!

In addition, if you paid a lot of money to attend a golf school that is endorsed by your favorite tour player, then don’t you think you should be learning the same techniques used by that tour player?

It is hard for golf instructors (who teach at these golf schools) to teach you the exact same techniques as the tour player. These instructors have difficulty because they themselves were taught this method in a short period of time. And their name isn’t Jack Nicklaus.

Jack Nicklaus is still learning how to swing the golf club. He has to be because his body and mind have continuously changed over the years. We all swing the golf club differently because our bodies are physically different. We think differently and therefore we communicate with different words. So it does stand to reason that we all cannot swing like Jack Nicklaus. Ask yourself, if you're paying a lot of money for a golf school, then don’t you think you should learn how to be a better golfer? Shouldn’t your scores be better rather than your golf swing looking prettier.

Why don’t golf schools give you playing lessons and show you how to lower your handicap on the golf course? I have heard from more than one tour player on T.V. interviews that they have no idea of how they swing the golf club. Their answer to how to hit a hook is, they just think about hitting a hook or they visualize the golf ball hooking. I know their focus is on trying to get the golf ball in the hole rather than worrying about how pretty their swing looks.

Today, some golf schools are beginning to teach the students how to swing the golf club according to the way the student can feel comfortable. Some golf schools will teach you how to swing your way. That is good! That is what you want! A good golf school is one that will help you get to know your own golf swing. It would be like having a coach who knows what your tendencies are and will show you how to utilize them to your advantage. Good golf schools will focus more on the basics. The basics will not mislead you. Good golf schools will spend more time on getting you to focus on scoring rather than a perfect golf swing.

There is nothing wrong with trying to swing like Jack Nicklaus or trying to learn some of the great techniques he has used over the years that got him good golf scores! Just keep in mind that there is one variable that has not changed. It is something that will not change whether you learn Jack Nicklaus’ golf swing or not. You NEED to practice!




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