How many of you can honestly say that you really like to practice golf? I know from my own experience that it can be very hard to practice on a day when you feel like doing something else. Let us face it, there is more to life than practicing your golf game (or is there?).

Golf practice drills are designed to assist us in achieving the most out of practice time. The drills guide you in doing what is right for your own golf game. Golf drills will develop mechanics that are instrumental to your golf game.

I am a firm believer that you do not have to spend countless hours practicing your golf game. You can spend a half hour to an hour each day working on your golf game or spend 15 minutes a day, three times a week and get the results you want. As long as you're practicing the right technique.

A golf drill that I have found to be very helpful is the "Step-Through" Drill for golf. This drill is designed to let you utilize one of your important power sources, the legs! (Which at this time is the latest trend in the golf industry.) It is very simple to do. However, it may take some coordination at first. The great thing about this drill is that it allows you to feel the proper lower body motion.

Start by putting your feet together. Swing the golf club back and stop. Then step with your leading leg and let the power of your legs and the twisting of your hips whip your arms and golf club through the correct swing path.

Be aware of some of these golf drills! For example, hitting the golf ball with your feet together prevents you from shifting your weight. This drill promotes an upper body swing, therefore, it would be incorrect for those of you who are trying to use the power of your legs. Spreading your feet too far apart is another drill that promotes an upper body swing. So, be aware!


They are the quickest way to break down an incorrect swing habit. They are the quickest way to build the correct swing habit. They force you to do the correct swing, even when you are tired. They eliminate countless effort to consciously think about swing mechanics. They allow you to save time when practicing. Five to ten swings per practice session is all that is needed to build the correct swing habit. They are just like trick shots and trick shots are fun! In fact, if you add a little fun to your practice session, chances are you might enjoy practicing. (They will not take up a lot of space in your suitcase on your next golf vacation like training aids will).



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