The following will be an ever growing list of the trends in the golf industry that have changed over the years. From golf equipment to golf instruction. Feel free to send in your comments E-MAIL.Remember, the more you scroll down the page the more you will recognize the new updates. You will also enable yourself to "UNLEASH" the power within you because you are updating your golf game to the constant change in the golf industry.



Many golf students are confused about whether they should keep their arm straight while making their back swing. This way of teaching has changed over the years. The answer is that you do not "have to" keep your arm straight. The only time your arm should be straight is at the point of impact.

While keeping your arm straight on the back swing can create a wider arc in your golf swing thus, giving your swing the opportunity to produce more clubhead speed (like Tiger Woods), it is not for everyone. Some golfers have physical limitations (like Calvin Peete) and cannot keep their arm straight. In some cases, a straight arm hinders the golfer from creating the correct position. Take a look at Fred Couples and Nancy Lopez......are their arms straight on their backswing?

The new theory about clubhead speed has to do with a figure skater. When a figure skater is spinning around in a circle and she pulls her arms closer to her body......what happens? The answer is that she spins faster. Based upon technology, education and physical conditioning golfers are able to keep their arms closer to their bodies. Which means they are able to create more clubhead speed. Which results in more distance ! Learn more on how to "UNLEASH the Power"?


Should you keep your head still when you swing the golf club ? This theory has definitely changed over the years and in fact, it has hurt more golfers than it has helped.

The best way for EagleLinks to express this answer is to give you concrete evidence. Take a look at Curtis Strange and David Duval. Are their heads in the same position (still) when they swing the golf club ? No, they are not !

You do not have to keep your head in the same position when you swing the golf club. In fact, if you do decide to move your head a little, chances are, that it will probably help you swing better. When we teach kids at EagleLinks, we know for a fact that they are always moving there heads around. They have no problem hitting the golf ball because they have good hand to eye coordination.

Grip Pressure

Should the grip pressure be felt between the last three fingers of the left hand (if you are a right-handed golfer) or should the grip pressure be constant in all the fingers throughout the entire golf swing ? You are more than welcome to choose what feels comfortable to you. That is the important thing....do what you feel is right. In other words, I do not think of the last three fingers as my grip pressure point. I believe (based upon research) that you will want to hold the golf club with consistent pressure in all of your fingers. Just ask Mr. Al Geiberger (Mr. 59). He has a great book out on the market that breads pressure. Pressures in all aspects of our lives that are parallel to our own golf game.

What I would suggest based upon successful teaching, would be a consistent grip pressure throughout the entire golf swing. If you were to grip the golf club at a grip pressure of 6, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being too tight and 1 being too loose) and maintain that grip pressure of 6 all the way through the swing then it really wouldn't matter if the pressure was felt in the last three fingers. What Ben Hogan was referring to about the last three fingers, is something most Tour Players would understand. Most golfers would do better if they could relate to a simpler explanation of grip pressure. That is, being able to maintain a consistent grip pressure with all fingers throughout the swing. Why? Because most golfers (including myself as well as other Tour Players) have a tendency to grip the club during the swing as follows.... at the start they are at a grip pressure of 6. On the backswing, they are at 6. On the downswing they are at a 6. BUT.......When they hit the ball the grip pressure changes to a 10!

The ultimate grip pressure would be a 6 from the start. A 6 on the backswing. A 6 on the downswing. A 6 WHEN YOU HIT THE BALL. And a 6 when you finish. That is CONSISTENT grip pressure! Feel free to e-mail us on this subject and we will assist all levels to understand the POWER behind a consistent grip pressure. Based upon our e-mail success, EagleLinks has created a special section for those specific needs. The section is not for free, however, it is very inexpensive with the idea to accommodate everyone's budget. You may find your solution at Virtual Golf Lessons.

Golf Lessons

Golf lessons are a prescription to your overall golf game. Too many of us have spent many dollars and time trying to perfect the golf swing. It has come to the point in time where we all need to take what we have and perfect it.





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