The important thing is to do what you feel is right for yourself. If you enjoy getting up early and taking a two mile jog to start your day along with a nice healthy breakfast, then that is good. On the other hand, if you feel like drinking two cups of coffee and eating a few donuts for breakfast then that is good (for you).

I have met a Tour Player who I thought at the time to be very meticulous in the diet that was right for that Tour Player. However, I was amazed to see that the morning we went out and played golf, this Tour Player was drinking a soda pop at 7:00 a.m. in the morning.

The trick is to find the right combination of exercise, diet and mental attitude that is right for you. It becomes a decision process to find the right combination. There is so much information and advertising out there that it can make your decision a monumental task.

I have grown up eating pasta and I know some experts say that the carbohydrates in pasta is good for you, especially the night before a sporting event. I have recently found out that the carbohydrates in pasta is not all utilized by your body and it is usually stored as fat cells if you do not exercise enough to burn those carbos off. Now I am confused ?? Mama Mia!! I gotta hava mya pasta !!

With respect to exercising, golf does not require major weightlifting. What golf does require is muscle tone. Your muscles should be conditioned to swing a golf club. To condition your muscles properly, light weightlifting can be one way to condition them.

Another way to condition your muscles for golf, would be to do a lot of practice swings. Just swing the golf club without a golf ball. The golf club does have weight. Swinging the golf club 20,30,40 or more times in a row will give your muscles the proper conditioning.

The great thing about conditioning your muscles with a golf club is the fact that you are using the same muscles that you would use when hitting the golf ball. The other great thing about using your own golf clubs is that you will not have to pack up those weighted down training aids on your next golf vacation! I know those sky caps would truly appreciate your considerations!

If you are really into conditioning your golf swing then light weightlifting can be used to reinforce those muscles you use when swinging the golf club. However, make sure that you are strengthing those muscles which reinforce the golf muscles.

I know from my own experience that you have to be aware of proper weight training for golf. I love to do push-ups and pull-ups. If I do too many of them my swing will change because I am building up those other muscles rather than conditioning them to reinforce the golf muscles. I also love to do a lot of sit-ups and I know I can do all that I want. Sit-ups for me, greatly increases my ability to keep my golf swing in balance. Everyones' body structure (or physique) is different. So different exercises will work for different people. Take your time and choose the right one for you.

My image of an ideal physique for a golfer would be a little of each from the following:

  • A swimmer. Swimming utilizes all of the muscles in your body in union with each other. It is a great way to condition your body for balance.
  • A martial artist. Like swimming the martial arts utilizes all of the muscles in union with each other. The trick here is to find the right type of martial arts. I practice Taekwondo, which is a form of karate. Taekwondo was one of the greatest decisions that I have made in my life. I not only achieved great physical conditioning but I also created a great positive mental attitude. Taekwondo not only helped me to discipline my behavior but it also, and most importantly, helped me to discipline my thoughts! I do a lot of stretching in Taekwondo. It definitely keeps me flexible. Flexibility for the golf swing is advantageous.
  • A bicyclist. Bicycling does two things for me. Without a doubt it helps me to achieve superior leg conditioning. Also, it allows me to escape from reality once in a while. (Something we should all do from time to time). It helps me break away from all of the everyday pressures of life. Bicycling gives me freedom! Bicycling gives me peace of mind!
  • An ice skater or roller blader. Even though I grew up playing hockey it is hard for me to find an ice skating rink in the desert! Thank God for roller blading! Either one is great conditioning for the legs. Attaching the walkman to my ears and roller blading down El Paseo Drive here in Palm Desert allows me not only to achieve great exercise but, while I am listening to my favorite music I can relax and just forget about life. Nothing else matters! I have tapped in to the zone!
  • A nature hiker. This has to be one of the greatest ways to let go of all of your worries about your golf game and get revitalized at the same time. Hiking is very easy on your body and yet you can really achieve excellent conditioning. There is so much to do and experience in nature. Nature hiking can and will give you a humble perspective about your golf game. It is part of your nature, you have no choice.

Rather than exercising, I can still feel good about myself by just simply breathing. Breathing exercises are a great way to keep your blood flowing properly. Your blood needs that oxygen! And proper breathing exercises also helps you clean out your system (not water). With breathing you can do it anywhere...anytime! No more excuses!



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