The best age for your child to begin playing golf would be the moment that your child can stand up on their feet and swing a golf club. The earliest that I have witnessed a child swinging a golf club is 2 1/2 years of age. Even though the child hit the golf ball only 50 yards consistently I was lucky to experience the fact. The encouraging part of the whole experience was the child hitting the golf ball straight down the middle !


The key to getting your child started in golf is to make sure you have a qualified golf instructor who has a good reputation with juniors. It may take a little time to find a good instructor because not everyone has the patience to teach children. You do not necessarily have to have an instructor who is certified by a recognized organization.

Getting kids started requires the golf instructor to be very simple. Introducing a few basic techniques is all the child needs. Once the child is given a few of the basics the child will then begin to do things just as the instructor has taught. So don’t be afraid to let the child catch on to the game of golf by swinging the golf club on their own. Just let them have fun. You can easily frustrate the child by giving them too much detailed information. Keep it simple!


At the very beginning, just let the kids go and do not worry. I have seen too many parents try to make the child do everything perfect right from the start. That can and will discourage the child. It is too much for the child, to be too detailed. The child wants to have fun, so make it fun and make sure the child has the right basics. Period!

Keep it simple! One good instructor will give your children the necessary basics and guidance into the appropriate junior programs.

Most junior programs in your area will offer FREE golf instruction and FREE golf equipment. There is no need to spend a fortune when getting your child started in golf.

Your Child is the future and you will want to make sure that they get started in the right direction. The following is a list to help you guide your child to a successful beginning in golf;

1) A qualified golf instructor.

  • Someone who knows how to teach the basics.
  • Someone who has patience.
  • Someone who your child can understand.
  • Someone who is very positive.

2) The right golf equipment.

  • Make sure the golf clubs are the right size (the right length). Stay away from golf clubs that have very flexible shafts.
  • A lot of used equipment is as good as new equipment.
  • Tennis shoes are okay.

3) The golf course.

  • Make sure your child knows the rules of golf before they play the golf course.
  • Let your child play the golf course as soon as possible. Learning how to play a good round of golf is our goal. So by getting your child on the golf course early will help guide your child in the right direction.
  • Make sure your child keeps score. No cheating!
  • Most of all, let the child have fun.

Teaching kids golf is fun and I have developed a way to start the kids on the right path. A lot of my success with teaching kids can be credited to my Taekwondo teaching. I have learned how to take the discipline that is associated with Taekwondo and have used it in teaching kids how to play golf. Any questions or comments? E-mail.




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