Safety is number 1
  • When swinging the golf club make sure no one is near you.
  • When your not swinging the golf club make sure you do not get in the way of others.
  • Always aim at a flagstick. If your golf ball is hit towards another person be sure to warn them by yelling "FORE".

Golf grip

The best way to learn the proper golf grip is to ask your golf instructor for a teaching grip. This teaching grip is used for practice only and may not be used when playing on the golf course.

Golf stance and alignment

The best way to stand when hitting the golf ball is to use two wooden yardsticks. Place one yardstick along your feet and the other one above your golf ball.

Make sure the golf ball is between the two yardsticks and position the golf ball in the middle of feet.

The swing

Now it is time to swing the golf club. Just aim the golf ball at the target and swing. The most important thing to do when you swing is to make sure that you balance yourself on the left foot or right foot if you are a left-handed golfer.

To achieve the correct finish for your golf swing make sure your belt buckle is pointing towards the target and all of your weight has shifted to your left foot or right foot ( for left-handed golfers ). The golf club should then be resting comfortably on your left shoulder or right shoulder ( for left-handed golfers).

Coming Soon....Putting and chipping.




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