The first thing to realize is the fact that you will have to practice. We will show you ways of how to practice that will give you the time for other things and be able to create the correct golf swing that is right for you.

Keep in mind that when golf first began, the golfers did not have the education or the technology that we have today so, we will be able to create our golf swing in less time and with less effort. Our golf swing will be more efficient due to our education and the availability of technology. The extent of our success will depend on the quality of our practice. That is, doing the right technique on a consistent basis. Practice your golf game three times a week, fifteen minutes a day. Instead of eight hours on Thursday and that is it for the week.

Remember to do it the way you feel. Practice the way that will work the best for you. Why? Because when golf first began the golfers took what they had and made the best out of it. They figured out the perfect practice techniques that was right for them according to their capabilities and just did it! There is no way around of having to practice. Find out the best practice techniques that are right for your golf game and just do it, over and over. The golfers did it back then and they still do it today. The reality of it all is that you are going to have to practice. That is something that will never change no matter what it is that you do in life. So practice the right golf image that you feel is right for you and practice the one that gives you the results.

Begin by choosing the right basics. We begin with the basics because they will allow us to achieve maximum results in the long run. A solid base allows the golfer to create a swing that is right. You can take the fundamentals and build on them no matter where you are. You can build the swing that is right according to your physical and mental capabilities. It is just like building blocks, one on top of the other! (You will also be able to take the right basics with you to any teacher that you will encounter. If the instructor tells you that you have to do it their way then maybe you need to question why. Their way may not be your way)!

Instead of starting with the driver, begin with the putter and work your way up to the driver. Be a child again and build one block on top of the other. The putter will give you the right foundation to build the rest of your swing. Starting with the putter you will develop a groove, called the impact zone. What happens outside that impact zone does not matter. The moment of truth is when the golf ball meets the clubface.

At impact we want the clubface square so the golf ball will go towards our intended target. Alignment will give us the best possible chance to achieve this. When you align your body and your clubface to the target, make sure that your clubface is lined up at the target and your body is lined up left of the target.

It is important for you to have the correct alignment to start off with because your proper alignment will allow your body to swing the golf club freely. I would say that 95% of my golf lessons are cured by adjusting the alignment. The best way to learn the correct alignment is to place on the ground two golf clubs that are aiming at the target. Do this every time that you practice and you will have made this part of your golf swing a great habit.

Once you have aligned yourself correctly you can begin to create the golf swing that is right for you. I can go through all of the physics to help you create that perfect golf swing but not everybody has the same body structure. Mechanically, it really does not matter how you swing the golf club. Do what feels right to you! As long as you keep the clubface square at impact and you have aligned yourself to the target correctly, you can begin to practice. The more you practice the quicker you will learn. Just keep on practicing keeping the clubface square at impact. Start off with putting and then chipping and let that carry over to the rest of your big swing.

The two most important things for you to create your golf swing are:
1) Alignment, and
2) The impact zone.

I can produce an excellent video on the creation of a golf swing. It would be called PRECISION PRACTICE TECHNIQUES. It is not available at this time. You will be able to learn and understand a lot quicker on how to successfully create your golf swing when you have the opportunity to see it on video.



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