The golfer who has a handicap between 1 and 14 and classifies himself/herself as a player better have the swing down to the point where he/she doesn't have to think about it. It is automatic! That is, you have decided, researched and practiced your swing enough to know what it's going to do under tournament conditions. And whether it looks pretty or not, does not matter. The important thing is, if you're a player, you're getting that golf ball in the hole. It is now time to trust your swing and work on those parts of your golf game that will help achieve good scores.



If a player wants to maintain their game at the level he/she is currently at, they better have regular maintenance on putting and chipping. Why? Because if you are 100 yards away and you know you can get that golf ball within 15 feet or less of the pin, you want to be certain that ten times out of ten you will make those putts. Then the pressure for you to hit a long drive off the tee or to put the ball in play off the tee or to hit your second shot onto the green, will be eliminated. Eliminating pressure will definitely increase the strength of your confidence! And your score.

Having the confidence and consistency in your chipping and putting at this level, not only takes the pressure off, but allows you to play smart competitively. And sooner or later you will play in a golf tournament. We all know that if we want to improve our game, we need to compete in golf tournaments. It is inevitable. It is our competitive nature. So putt and chip until you know it well!


You must believe in yourself. You must not count on others to do it for you. How many times have you heard that golf is a mental game? This understanding is what usually separates the first place winner from the second place winner. I think the three words BELIEVE IN YOURSELF says it all.

Remember, it's more than just remembering good shots. To truly believe in yourself goes deeper than that. It comes from the heart.

When you gain a high level of confidence, you know it! The same is true when you believe in yourself. You not only know it but, you feel it! When you hit a good chip shot onto the green or a good five iron onto the green on your second shot or when you hit a long drive off the tee, you knew before you even stepped up to the ball that it was going to feel good. (As if it were effortless.) That feeling that you had inside your heart felt so good that you had no choice but to visualize the great shot and produce the perfect result!

I will give you examples on how to find the belief in yourself. Due to the length of the topic, I have included it in EAGLELINKS under “Behind the Eagles’ Eye”.


It’s time to sharpen up those golf course management skills. This will take discipline. As a player your procrastination days are over. You want to manage your game around the golf course to give yourself the opportunity to shoot the golf scores you are capable of producing. I know it can be tough to hit an iron off the tee rather than a driver when you know that an iron is going to give you better results. And even though Tiger Woods hits the golf ball very long, he still has the discipline to hit an iron when it is appropriate.

Be smart and manage your golf game around the golf course. Just like anything else that you do, it will be tough at first. The more that you do it, the easier it will get. Just be brave and UNLEASH THE POWER of golf course management!


Good habits produces good results. Finding the right practice routine that is right for you will definitely help you shoot good golf scores. The important thing to remember when practicing is consistency. Do the same routine every time you practice. While you are on the practice putting green and you like to make five foot putts, be sure to make those putts every time you practice.

Some days you will miss those five foot putts on the golf course. And you might decide to change you're practice routine. Don’t change! Keep on practicing them. Repetition is the key. With a little time and patience that consistent practice routine of making those five foot putts will pay off. The rewards of your hard work will be worth the wait.





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