Golf Packages

One Day Golf Package

Includes the following:

  • 8 a.m.-Half hour lesson on the range.
    • 9 a.m.-Nine hole playing lesson with a PGA PROFESSIONAL.
    • 10:30 a.m.-Lunch and discussion of playing lesson.
    • 12 noon-One hour private golf lesson (or group lesson, if more than one person). This will include the things that need to be corrected based upon the playing lesson.
    • 1:30 p.m.-Nine hole playing lesson with the same PGA PROFESSIONAL.
    • 4 p.m.-Half hour wrap-up of the days events.
    • Range balls and green fees are not included.
    • Includes half dozen golf balls for playing lesson.
    • Travel arrangements and hotel accommodations are not included.
    • The student ratio will be (no more than) one PGA PROFESSIONAL to every three students (3:1).

    TOTAL PRICE...$169.00


What are One Day Golf Packages ?

One Day Golf Packages are normally reserved for golfers with handicaps of 1 through 18 in other golf schools. However, we highly recommend these One Day Packages for beginner golfers as well. If you will notice in this Golf Package the first item at 8:00 a.m. is a 9-hole playing lesson with a PGA PROFESSIONAL. Playing a golf course is the whole reason why we have chosen to take up the game of golf. And it is the force that drives us to practice, practice and practice.

Beginner golfers have a choice when learning how to play golf. They can practice at the driving range until they "think" they are ready or they can learn a few basics and start playing the golf course right away. This is exactly why there are Par 3 and Executive golf courses. The whole idea of playing the golf course as soon as you can is to train your body and your mind to react to a target, rather than confuse and frustrate yourself with ten different theories of how to get the perfect golf swing.

How long did it take you to learn how to drive a car ?......One week ?.......Two weeks ?......Three weeks ?......One month ? How long have you non-beginner golfers been learning your golf swing ?........One year ?........Five years ? By focusing more of your attention on getting the golf ball in the hole and letting your body react to the target, you will improve the mechanics of your golf swing quicker. Remember, "the road to success is always under construction". We will always being trying to make our golf swings better. So get on the golf course and learn how to score and then gradually improve your golf swing.

When a professional woman basketball player shoots the basketball, is she looking at her hands and the basketball as it soars through the air ? Or is she looking at the basketball hoop and letting her eyes tell her body how to get it there ? The answer is; she is looking at the basketball hoop and letting her body react to the target !

For those golfers with handicaps 1 through 18 a One Day Golf Package will help you to refine your golf game. Regulation and championship golf courses are ideal. The teaching staff here at EagleLinks can immediately detect those areas in your golf game that need to be refined in just 9-holes. Playing a second 9-holes in the same day will show you how easy change can be. The rest is up to the golfer. Just take those minor adjustments from your One Day Golf Package and "PRACTICE".

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