Creating your own Golf Package will give you the opportunity to allow EagleLinks to fit your needs. EagleLinks will take your Creative Package and adjust according to your personal preferences as well your finacial budget. This is where the golf industry is leaning towards, having PGA PROFESSIONALS adapt their expertise to the students capabilities.

Creating your own Golf Package will allow you to organize your time and financial budget. You will give yourself the opportunity to make your golf vacations worth the money you spend and improve your golf game to the highest level. Giving yourself the opportunity will result in positive achievements. You will be prepared for opportunities when they present themselves. Go ahead and let yourself "Unleash the Power from within".

Creativity is the secret in golf. Because you create a Golf Package to fit your needs, you give yourself an opportunity to relax and therefore you can "Unleash" your creative powers. Now you can forget about the mechanics of your golf swing and release your ability to play golf by instinct.

Golf vacations are best remembered by the end result. A creative Golf Package in Palm Springs can give you the memory of a life time. Taking a positive experience back to your home along with free gifts from EagleLinks will create an offer you can't refuse !

Remember, Palm Springs has it all! Some of the highest rated golf courses in the world ( such as PGA West Stadium ) - fine dining, excellent entertainment and great accommodations. Truly the golf capital of the world. (Current Palm Springs Weather)

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NOTE: Most reservations should be made at least 2 months in advance .

NOTE: There is a non-refundable deposit to pay for green fees, in case of last minute cancellations.

NOTE: A 10% discount will be offered to those reservations that are made 3 or more months in advance.



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