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Get a Grip and solve your problems of shooting bad scores.  Let the Consulting Group of Eaglelinks assist you in getting the right need for your golf game, whether it be from a beginner stand point or from a lower handicap perspective.

Remember, 90% of all golfers CANNOT break 100.  And golfers today are shooting the same scores they were 20 years ago!  Yet the equipment is getting better?  Is it possible to buy yourself a golf swing?

All golfers will learn the proper techniques needed for their golf game through Eaglelinks Consulting.  Most golfers already have a good golf swing but lack the knowledge to score.  In most cases, minor adjustments in his/her golf swing is all that is needed.

A lot of golfers have the best equipment but do not know how to use them.  The technology available today can definitely help your golf game as long as you know how to use it.  Once you learn how by consulting Eaglelinks,  you will be on your way to shooting lower scores.

Beginners can start off on the right path right away, without getting confused and swamped by all the overwhelming information.  We have had plenty of beginners as well as advanced golfers and juniors consult us on what is the correct information for golf equipment and golf lessons.

Once a beginner gets started Eaglelinks Consulting stays with you for the long and successful road ahead.  And that is the key to our success!  Most golf lessons that are taught involve just a half hour or an hour and that is it!  How many golf professionals do you know of who follow up on their lessons?

"Getting the Edge" is not hard to do.  It is all a matter of being organized and being in control of your golf game.  And that is what Eaglelinks Consulting will show you... how to achieve that desire.

Get a Grip on your game NOW!  The time is now, now is the time!


Below is a form that has options for you to fill in.  If you choose the first option of "Consulting by the Hour" then you will meet with one of our staff for the selected amount of time to discuss and plan your golf game.  Depending upon the individual golfer, you might need just a half hour.  Others may need more time.

Upon completion the staff member will draw up a plan for you to take with you.  Everything you need to do will be included in the written plan.  You will then get to work and begin your future success.  Your written plan will be on file so that we may assist you in making adjustments along the way.  Follow up consulting is a must and is extremely important for long-term success.

Some golfers may just need to consult through e-mail only.  Our founder of Eaglelinks, David Ruvolo has had a golf lesson with a student on the driving range where the two of them talked for a half hour without hitting a golf ball.  The student paid $40.00 and was on his way.

It goes to show that a lot of golfers have the swing and just need to hear the right words.  We think it is called "Consultation"!  That student that left the range without hitting a golf ball found some knowledge that cleared his head of all the information received in the past and went on with business.  Consultation by e-mail is an option.

"Mobile consultation" is for those who want to have the convenience of having the PGA Professional on-site anywhere, anytime.  This option is expensive and very rewarding to those who can afford it.  Yes, there is a huge market for this type of consultation.

Foreign students (juniors) as well as wealthy business students are cornering a market of expert consulting more now that Tiger has entered into the picture.  American and Foreign students are realizing the success of spending that big dollar to get "The Edge". 

Foreign students flock to American driving ranges and golf courses.  The price that they pay is cheaper and the quality of finding the right instruction more than out weighs the price of staying at home.

"Golf consultation with rounds of golf" is a great option because the PGA Professional can see "Live and in Person" your on-course performance and better evaulate the planning process.

The choice is yours!  Get "The Edge"!


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